Flexsteel Recliners

1. Soft polyester fibers around high- resiliency foam give you deep seating comfort.
2. Strong frame constructed of fine wood laminates is warranted for life.
3. Comfort for your lower back; optional lumbar support adjusts to four positions.
4. Another fine construction detail: jointless, one piece arm.
5. Lifetime-warranted mechanism glides smoothly into position.
6. Easy-to-use release lever needs only a gentle touch to activate the ottoman,
7. Flexsteel's patented Blue Ribbon seat spring in tubular steel frame is warranted for life.
8. Luxury full-thickness cushioning for entire depth of sear, warranted for life.
9. You recline in full-length comfort: pop-up chaise between chair and ottoman.
10. Counter-balanced mechanism allows you to recline in any position.
11. Exquisite tailoring in a wide selections of luxurious velvets, patterns, and soft leathers.
Choose from rocker, glider, and swivel options, available in most styles.

Why Flexsteel should be your recliner of choice...

  1. Yukon
    Measures: 45"H x 39"W x 39"D
  2. Chicago
    Measures: 41"H x 35"W x 39"D
  3. Woodlawn
    Measures: 41"H x 30"W x 37"D
  4. Mackenzie
    Measures: 41"H x 37"W x 40"D
  5. Marcus
    Measures: 41"H x 34"W x 40"D
  6. Markham
    Measures: 40"H x 36"W x 41"D
  7. Catalina
    Measures: 41"H x 33"W x 40"D
  8. Devon
    Measures: 41"H x 34"W x 40"D
  9. Updraft
    Measures: 44"H x 39"W x 43"D
  10. Paxton
    Measures: 42"H x 40"W x 43"D
  11. Whitney High Leg Recliner
    Whitney High Leg Recliner
    41"H x 34"W x 36"D
  12. Macy
    Measures: 38"H x 34"W x 39"D
  13. Reed High Leg Recliner
    Reed High Leg Recliner
    Measures: 41"H x 29"W x 38"D
  14. Hunter Chair and Ottoman
    Hunter Chair and Ottoman
    Chair Measures: 40"H x 34"W x 37"D Ottoman Measures: 18"H x 23"W x 19"D
  15. Theo Lift Recliner
    Theo Lift Recliner
    Measures: 42"H x 34"W x 41"D
  16. Melody Lift Recliner
    Melody Lift Recliner
    40"H x 34"W x 39"D
  17. Triton
    Measures: 46"H x 41"W x 43"D
  18. Geneva
    Measures: 42"H x 36"W x 39"D
  19. Zara
    41"H x 40"W x 41"D
  20. Wicklow
    42"H x 44"W x 42"D
  21. Simon
    41"H x 41"W x 40"D
  22. Rio
    42"H x 38"W x 41"D
  23. Dora Lift Recliner
    Dora Lift Recliner
    42"H x 34"W x 41"D
  24. Bailey Lift Recliner
    Bailey Lift Recliner
    41"H x 33"W x 38"D

Many of Flexsteel’s recliners, motion sofas, and sectionals are now available with the option to upgrade to power with or without a USB Port.  This smooth-operating mechanism activates with the touch of a button.  The fingertip control enables individuals to recline in an infinite number of positions.
Some recliners and reclining sofas have the option of a power headrest.  Working like the reclining leg rest, a separate button will allow you to move your head to any position at the touch of a button.